Formula Guard 5 Year Warranty

Formula Guard provides Formula owners with peace of mind by incorporating comprehensive product warranties, a vast network of authorized service providers, factory-based technical support via the Technical Assistance Group or TAG, a cloud-based maintenance management system (Vessel Vanguard), and a complimentary 95 day GOLD level membership to Sea Tow’s on-water emergency service.

Formula Limited Warranty

Each Formula boat is covered by a combination of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and extended warranties providing comprehensive coverage for most parts and accessories, including drive train components, for a full five years. Two key differences between Formula’s warranty coverage and its competitors’:
  • "Inclusionary" coverage - all components and accessories, unless specifically excluded in the Terms & Conditions, are covered for 5 years. No more denied claims due to terminology or inadvertent omissions in the policy language.
  • No limit of liability – coverage remains in effect for 5 years regardless of dollars paid in claims.
Below is a brief summary of coverage. Please refer to the Formula Limited Warranty document (click here) for the detailed Warranty Statement, including Terms & Conditions, Limitations and Exclusions.
  • One (1) year — Materials and workmanship, including most materials, components and accessories used in the boat's construction.
  • Two (2) years — Canvas products manufactured by FORMULA BOATS (e.g., cockpit covers).
  • Two (2) years — Gel coat finish, to include protection against osmotic blistering, air voids, and crazing/cracking.
  • Two (2) years — Painted graphics (not bottom paint) and clear coat finishes.
  • Five (5) years — Cockpit upholstery items manufactured by FORMULA BOATS.
  • Five (5) years — Equipment and accessories NOT manufactured by FORMULA BOATS; Major equipment and accessories NOT manufactured by FORMULA BOATS (e.g., engines, outdrives, generators, navigational electronics, etc.) shall be covered by the respective original equipment manufacturers’ warranties – periods generally ranging from one (1) to five (5) years – and thereafter by the Formula Limited Warranty for a combined total of five (5) years.
  • Ten-years (10) — Hull and deck structure. Structural elements include fiberglass, fiberglass-reinforced stringers, matrix grid systems, bulkheads, and pultrusions.